Library Access

All students are scheduled for the library once during the rotation cycle. If a student needs to research or check out new books, they may be sent to the library with a classroom pass, no more than three at a time. You may also schedule to accompany your class for a quick check out or short lesson between rotation visits.
The library is open for students from 7:45 to 3:00. The library is open for teacher use from 7:15 to 4:00 daily.

Student Book Check Out

Kindergarten students will check out 1 book per visit beginning after they have been instructed about how to take care of library books. Kindergarten students will bring their library book back to the library with them for rotation.

First grade students will check out 2 books each visit as long as they have returned both books from their previous visit. Second grade students may check out 2 books at a time.

Third and fourth grade students may check out 3 books at a time. The library policy is that at least one of these be a chapter book. Books should be returned to the library the morning of their scheduled rotation visit in the library book cart provided for each grade level. Students should always bring a library to the library during rotation even if they are not checking any new ones out.Third and Fourth grade students should always bring a pencil and their AR folder to rotation. This folder is also to be used as their pass to the library for AR testing or checking out a new book.

Books will be checked for damage upon return and fines assessed if damage has occurred. Students whose records show excessive book loss or damage may have limited check out, but will not be denied books.

All students have the chance to receive a bonus EXTRA check out for exemplary library behavior, including always returning their books,

Book Return

A rolling crate will be circulated through the pods 1 through 4 for classes to return library books on the morning of their library visit.

Teacher Check Out

· Check out up to 30 books at a time
· Please return books as soon as you are finished.
· Video and DVD checkout is for 2 weeks
· Take your selection to the circulation desk. If no one is there or your time is limited, leave a check out slip on top of your books and pick them up later.
· To return items, place them in the blue crate on the brown cart at the end of the circulation desk.

If you need books that are not available here, leave a note or email Debra or I and we will see if we can locate it in the district for you. We do a lot of interlibrary loaning of books and other materials.